Mismaloya Real Estate
Mismaloya / Boca de Tomatlan

Mismaloya Real Estate

Located 10 miles south from downtown of Puerto Vallarta, approximately a 35 minute drive from the airport, you will find this small bay where the jungle meets the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean called Mismaloya derivative world from the Nahuatl meaning “The place where you can fish with your hands”.

Mismaloya Lifestyle

10 miles south of Downtown and approximately, a 35 minute away from the airport, you will find Mismaloya, a small bay where the jungle meets the ocean. And if you drive 10 more minutes further south, you will find Boca de Tomatlán, a small fisher’s village located at the mouth of the Tomatlán River. This is where everyone who wants to visit the south coast should be. Its people are very friendly and helpful. Water taxis, locally known as pangas come and go almost 24/7 taking locals and tourists to their destinations with amazing skill.


What kind of properties could I find in Mismaloya?



Mismaloya Properties

Land - Tomatlan

MLS: 23614

$ 72,046,000 USD

  • 2,771,000 m2 / 29,815,960 sqft

Land - Tehuamixtle

MLS: 21464

$ 36,000,000 USD

  • 323,654 m2 / 3,482,522 sqft

Land - San Pancho

MLS: 21835

$ 10,475,000 USD

  • 163,640 m2 / 1,760,763 sqft

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