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The unique cosmopolitan community of Puerto Vallarta has embraced the Mexican spirit and casual way of life. As a result, it has organically segmented itself, so the different areas that you will find within the bay, define themselves with very different lifestyles. Our goal in Katya Homm Properties is to discover together your needs and desires, your hobbies and interests, the life you always wanted to live… So let us help you find, not only your dream home, but the lifestyle of your dreams.

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When you begin to search for a new property home in Puerto Vallarta, the first and most important questions are simple:  is in fact, very simple: are you looking to invest or to move into a new home? Do you want to live in it, or rent it?  It can always be both: half time living here, half time renting it out. These are the main issues you have to solve before engaging yourself into the buying process. 

Once you have these three vital answers, the next question is: what would be your real dream lifestyle? For instance, if you love Golf, I would definitely recommend a home in Nuevo Vallarta, one of the most desirable residential areas that, by the way, has nine world class daily fee golf courses to choose from. Nice, right?

Now, if you like surfing and water sports, the best place to purchase a property is, with no doubt, Sayulita or San Pancho, although it all depends on your level of expertise. On the north shore, between Bucerías (kitesurfers’ heaven) and a small town called Lo de Marcos on Riviera Nayarit, you will find some of the best breakpoints in the country.

If art, culture, fine dining and nightlife are your thing, the downtown neighborhoods are the place to look. Old Town, Olas Altas and the sizzling Zona Romántica have the best art galleries, theaters, restaurants, shopping, and a fabulous nightlife scene. All this, two steps away from Los Muertos Beach, one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches in Vallarta. It is the area where all the happening is actually happening.

Looking for a family oriented neighborhood? Then you must look for homes in Gaviotas, Marina Vallarta, Fluvial or Versalles, one of the most traditional residential areas in PV which, by the way, has turned into a really fine dining hot spot. Gaviotas is also very traditional, with nice town houses with typical Vallartense architecture and wide cobblestoned boulevards; Fluvial is practically the newest residential development in town, with modern family homes, wide avenues and parks with huge trees, and lots of restaurants and commercial spots. And last but not least, Marina Vallarta… The place that has it all. No matter where you live, you will always be walking – or biking – distance from its amazing world class Marina, all kinds of restaurants, hotels, spas, cafés, private schools and hospitals, nice boutiques, residential & luxury condos, shopping malls, grocery stores, the International Airport… And yet another top of the line golf course.

Foreign students are welcomed by local schools and the student community. This will give your children the chance to quickly make friends for life and truly get to know the language, as well as the rich Mexican culture.

The term “amigo” (friend), as in “Hola amigo!” is vastly used by everyone. Mexicans are friendly, social and welcoming, that is why international students and their parents are always embraced. Newly arrived families will soon be invited to a “piñata” at a child’s birthday party, a “fiesta” for a parent’s birthday party,  the victory of a national team, or any other kind of social gathering, even if there is nothing special to celebrate, other than friendship and life itself… And you may choose to attend or not, but I strongly suggest you do, and believe me, you will find yourself meeting new, interesting people, having lots of fun, enjoying amazing homemade traditional food, and laughing your heart out!

For more information, we have gathered a brief description of each area, but please, trust us. Let us do our work. Contact us and take advantage of our services and experience in finding you the perfect property to invest in, and the perfect lifestyle for you.

Zona Hotelera

It is the coastal strip that connects the Marina area with Downtown Vallarta and is mainly occupied by large hotels and resorts

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North Shore

Between Nuevo Vallarta and La Cruz, you will find several beach front condominiums and properties still available to purchase and high-end resorts.

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5 de Diciembre

This area is experiencing the same growth phenomenon as Olas Altas and the Zona Romantica did since 2013 with all the pre constructions going on.

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10 miles south from downtown, approximately a 35 minute drive from the airport, you will find this small bay where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean.

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Amapas and Conchas Chinas

Just south of the famous Muertos Beach you will find a trail that connects to Amapas and Conchas Chinas.

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Sayulita and San Pancho

If you close your eyes and imagine yourself in a hippie surfer’s beach in the 70´s, laid back, slow pace, peace and love, well that is Sayulita.

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Punta Mita

Actually both, Punta de Mita is the small town’s name, Punta Mita is the high end Resorts Area.

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Located in the center of Puerto Vallarta, only a few minute walk from Los Tules and Camarones Beach.

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Marina Vallarta

Being only a short 5-minute drive from the airport and a 15-minute drive from the center of town. Marina Vallarta is a great location to settle in.

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Centro / Gringo Gulch

El Centro (Downtown) is the most famous area of ​​Puerto Vallarta throughout the world. That image of the typical Mexican town

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Zona Romántica

“La Zona Romántica” to some is the most important part of Puerto Vallarta also known as “The old town.

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