Zona Romántica Real Estate
Zona Romántica

Zona Romántica Real Estate

“La Zona Romántica” to some is the most important part of Puerto Vallarta also known as “The old town, La ciudad vieja”, with cable stone streets, art galleries, and amazing restaurants, Pubs and Bars.

Zona Romantica Lifestyle

To some, this is the most important site of Puerto Vallarta, also known as the Old Town, “el Pueblo Viejo”, with cobblestoned streets, art galleries, and delicious cuisine, as well as pubs, theaters and bars. This area hosts the best nightlife within steps of the famous Los Muertos Beach. The Real Estate inventory of the Zona Romántica exploded in 2013 with hundreds of luxury units hitting the market and proving to be a very smart investment, as properties reach an average annual ROI of 12%.


Zona Romantica Properties

House - Emiliano Zapata

MLS: 31008

$ 5,000,000 USD

  • 6 bedrooms
  • 514 m2 / 5,528 sqft

House - Emiliano Zapata

MLS: 29215

$ 4,000,000 USD

  • 17 bedrooms
  • 1,518 m2 / 16,337 sqft

Multi-Family - Emiliano Zapata

MLS: 32469

$ 2,850,000 USD

  • 590 m2 / 6,349 sqft


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