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Puerto Vallarta

About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta seems to be the perfect blend of an established Mexican town and a city with all the services and amenities you can possibly want. There is a world class International Airport with direct flights from all over, signature golf courses, top of the line hospitals, high quality schools, amazing food & nightlife, and a large cosmopolitan community from all over the world.


Vallarta promotes a healthy lifestyle by itself, with its beautiful sandy beaches, fabulous surfing sites, scuba diving, waterski, great outdoor & extreme activities, hiking trails with spectacular views, and some of the best golf courses in the country (including one World Championship course, one Greg Norman and three Jack Nicklaus Signature courses) You will also find world class spas, as well as health & yoga retreats, where professional therapists and yogis from around the globe will take you, step by step, through a world of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

Puerto Vallarta has a large international community that grows constantly and attracts tourists from all over the world, so it is not surprising to find such a rich and diverse gastronomic scene, where traditional cooks and sophisticated chefs prepare the most delicious recipes using only what Mother Earth provides. And last, but not least, in Vallarta there is no need to spend lots of money to eat well, as you will always find fresh fruit & vegetables from local farmers and, obviously, some of the best catch of the day seafood available on the planet.


Puerto Vallarta can be considered as a very eclectic society, given the fact that it is formed by locals, as well as families from all over the country and abroad, so it is obviously not surprising to find a great variety of schools with different educational systems of all levels, from kindergarten through college, all with competitive educational quality that goes hand in hand with US and European standards. Almost all private schools teach English as a second language, and most of them count with British, American and Canadian teachers, so it is not strange to find English speaking people throughout the whole bay. The British American School, The Angloamericano, ISPAC Institute and The American School of Puerto Vallarta are very popular schools among the North American community of PV. In México, private education is very common and it is possible to find good schools for all budgets. Nevertheless, many foreign families choose to enroll their children into 100% Spanish speaking schools. 

Popular Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Regions

Centro / Gringo Gulch

El Centro (Downtown) is the most famous area of ​​Puerto Vallarta throughout the world. That image of the typical Mexican town, with its cobblestone streets, tile roofs and the crown of the Guadalupe Cathedral standing there, as an eternal vigilante between the Sierra Madre and the Pacific Ocean

Zona Romántica

“La Zona Romántica” to some is the most important part of Puerto Vallarta also known as “The old town, La ciudad vieja”, with cable stone streets, art galleries, and amazing restaurants, Pubs and Bars.

Zona Hotelera

It is the coastal strip that connects the Marina area with Downtown Vallarta and is mainly occupied by large hotels and resorts. Almost 100% commercial, business and tourist oriented, with some residential condos that are usually rented for vacation and short term rentals. Great investment opportunities for big developers.

Punta Mita

Actually both, Punta de Mita is the small town’s name, Punta Mita is the high end Resorts Area. Punta de Mita is located on the peninsula north of Puerto Vallarta, approximately 60 minutes from the Airport, around 25 mile drive.

Marina Vallarta

Being only a short 5 minute drive from the airport and a 15 minute drive from the center of town. Marina Vallarta is a great location to settle in. it is family oriented and offers amazing views of the marina and has malls, restaurants, cafes, even a World class Joe Finger Design Golf Course with a short walking distance.


Located in the center of Puerto Vallarta, only a few minute walk from Los Tules and Camarones Beach. The main Highway Avenida Francisco Medina goes right through it, giving colonia Versalles easy access to most everything.

Sayulita and San Pancho

If you close your eyes and imagine yourself in a hippie surfer’s beach in the 70´s, laid back, slow pace, peace and love, well that is Sayulita. Sayulita is famous for its surfing but you will also find, Wind and Kite surfers, Kayaks, snorkeling, yoga and massages on the beach, fishing and much more.

Amapas and Conchas Chinas

Just south of the famous Muertos Beach you will find a small rocky peninsula that divides Muertos Beach and Amapas, there is a small walkable trail to go over the rocks and into Amapas Beach. You can also access it through a pathway that goes all the way from Muertos Beach to Conchas Chinas.


Located 10 miles south from downtown of Puerto Vallarta, approximately a 35 minute drive from the airport, you will find this small bay where the jungle meets the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

North Shore

Between Nuevo Vallarta and La Cruz, you will find several beach front condominiums and properties still available to purchase and high-end resorts.

5 de Diciembre

This area is experiencing the same growth phenomenon as Olas Altas and the Zona Romantica did since 2013 with all the pre constructions going on.


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